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Interview Skill Building

Can I Improve My Interviewing Skills?

Yes, absolutely! Although some people do not possess the natural skills needed to interview successfully, these can be learned and perfected with practice. Preparing for job interviews is vital to landing job offers that meet your expectations. An increase in confidence often occurs and your overall presentation usually leads to more job opportunities.

Even before you are invited in for an interview, begin practicing. Often employers do not offer candidates much time to prepare. Interviews could be scheduled as early as the same day you are contacted. So how does one prepare? Conducting a mock job interview with a masters level career counselor is an ideal way to prepare. A mock job interview is just like a real job interview, except the career counselor serves as the interviewer, asking questions specific to the job you are seeking. The career counselor provides the client with detailed information about their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Andrea Killion with Careerful Counseling Services provides a critique of your mock job interview, including a critique not only of your verbal responses, but your non-verbal communications. Are you making enough eye contact? Is your handshake firm enough? Is your interview outfit and overall look appropriate? Once clients are aware of areas to improve in, it is much easier to incorporate these changes at your next interview. Practicing your interview techniques on your own, with family/friends, and with a career counselor will help ensure your interview skills are improving.

Tired of going on interviews and not receiving job offers? It is likely time to improve your interview skills with the assistance of Careerful Counseling Services. Contact Andrea today.

“Andrea…They offered me the job! You were such a valuable resource helping me understand the interview process better. I am so glad I found you – thank you for your honest feedback and positive reinforcement. I’m so ready to start this journey!”
-Hilary W., Vancouver, WA

Andrea Killion is extremely knowledgable in the area of career services. She is highly effective at helping people with their interviewing and networking skills. I strongly recommend Andrea as a resource for individuals looking for a job in these challenging economic times. She can help give individuals the edge they need to shine above other job candidates.
-Laureen B., Portland, OR

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