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College Planning

Why is College Planning Important?

How Can A Career Counselor Assist?

Gone are the days when a typical college student is right out of high school. College planning may take place at various periods in ones life. Nationwide, working adults are returning to higher education in much greater numbers. Lifelong learning is extremely important due to rapidly changing technology, economic downturns, longer life spans, and career changes. It is not uncommon for adults to change careers multiple times throughout their working years.

College planning is just as important for traditional aged students (those entering college shortly after high school) and non-traditional students (either those attending college for the first time later in life or those re-entering college after taking a number of years off). The cost of attending college has skyrocketed over the last several years; therefore college planning is critical for students to be clear of their career goals before they invest their time and money.

Depending on where you are in the college planning process, be sure to work with a masters level career counselor to assist you in successfully achieving your goals, both for college and career purposes. For high school students, there are specific goals that should be reached by the end of each year. For non-traditional and re-entry students, there are goals to achieve as well, although they will differ given your individual circumstances.

Andrea Killion with Careerful Counseling Services has a background working in high schools, university admissions, college advising, workforce centers, employee assistance programs,and career counseling settings. She successfully assists adults of all ages, addressing both college and career planning topics. Some important issues Andrea helps clients with include figuring out which colleges are best to apply to, preparing to be accepted into top choice colleges, wisely choosing a college major based on career objectives, obtaining practical work experience to supplement your college studies, and becoming marketable to companies of interest. Rest assured knowing Andrea will guide you based on your individual goals.

Ready to move forward with professional guidance? Contact Andrea today.

Andrea is a caring counselor who works hard for her clients and strives to do her very best. She’s been a career counselor for many years. You’ll be in good hands with Andrea.
-Evan W., Portland, OR

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