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Career Development and Planning

What is Career Planning?

Career planning and development is a lifelong process which includes selecting a career, acquiring appropriate training needed, obtaining a job, and growing within your career. This process may occur several times during one’s life, since often people decide to change careers in search of one that is more fulfilling without the assistance of a career counselor. Therefore, it is advised that each person meets with a career counselor to minimize the number of career changes that may ultimately occur.

It is important to meet with a career counselor if you are at a stage within your life where you are in need of a career evaluation. By learning more about yourself, you are likely to choose a career that is a solid fit. Career planning and development is based on the premise that people tend to surround themselves with others who share their common interests, skills, personality traits, and values.

Career planning and development is accomplished by working together with a career counselor to assess and evaluate via the use of career assessments and activities, your interests, skills, personality traits, and values.

The first career planning step is self discovery which involves assessing and analyzing your interests, skills, personality traits, and values. Next is the research phase, involving researching the careers you score high in. Then it is decision making time which results in developing a realistic action plan.

Career counseling is a wise investment in your future that may ultimately save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Andrea Killion with Careerful Counseling Services is happy to assist you with your career planning and development needs. Contact Andrea today!

Andrea has compassion and understanding for those in need of a new direction or a renewal of interest in their current one with the ability to help people understand what they are looking for and how to find it. She definitely has my recommendation for career counseling services.
-Anthony M., Portland, OR

Andrea is great! She really helped me decide to forge a new career path, and I’m grateful for it.
-Michele L., Portland, OR

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