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Career and Personal Counseling Services

Andrea Killion, MS, NCC, MCCAndrea provides a holistic and eclectic blend of career counseling with personal counseling for clients. Integrating these areas is vital given that career issues cannot be separated from personal matters.

What is counseling exactly? Counseling is a process that assists individuals in gaining insightful information about themselves, others, and the world around them as they problem solve and make decisions to improve their quality of life. Counseling emphasizes the value of individuals making their own decisions. Career counseling is a specialization of personal counseling much like other specialty areas (i.e., school, family, etc.).

As with any other counseling specialty, career counselors rely upon theory, research, and a set of specific skills to assist their clients. Andrea utilizes psychological approaches and techniques that are based on scientific evidence, known as “Evidence-based Practices”. She assists clients with issues related to finding meaningful work, decision making, and on the job issues. Likewise, she helps clients deal with career-related changes and transitions, retirement planning, and career-related crises (e.g., downsizing). Career counselors use assessments, card sorts, assignments, and creative activities to enhance their work with clients as they acquire critical personal and occupational information during the counseling process. In addition to these counseling services, Andrea provides career coaching. Counseling and coaching techniques are uniquely blended to suit the needs of each client.

Current counseling practices place a strong emphasis on the connection between career development and mental health. Growing evidence suggests mental health concerns can inhibit systematic, logical thinking, and can interfere with the career choice process as well as career development. Mood disorders, for instance, may make it difficult for some clients to function in a work environment. Inaccurate cognitions that result in dysfunctional thinking can adversely affect one’s ability to make career choices as well as interfere with career development. Poor work performance, absences, and other maladaptive reactions to the work environment may be the result of complex interactions of personal characteristics and the workplace.

Clients who present concerns that are considered mental health issues are best served by counselors, such as Andrea, who are skilled in the integration of services. Some clients may require personal counseling before career counseling and some can be provided with career and personal counseling simultaneously. Career and personal concerns are often so tightly woven together that progress in one domain affects progress in another domain. You can rest assured knowing that Andrea assesses and treats each client as a unique individual, utilizing both a holistic and eclectic approach.

Thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the past year. Sometimes it felt like I was spinning my wheels, but talking to you always helped. Maybe I could have done this all on my own, but having one more person who believed in me and could give me sound advice was invaluable. I am so grateful for all that you’ve done.

-Ryan B., Salem, Oregon

You definitely helped me realize some important things about myself that I hadn’t really noticed or thought about before. I am very happy with my new position. Thank you so much!
-Greg U., Hood River, Oregon

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