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Andrea Killion’s solution-focused career counseling approach enables her clients to overcome difficulties quickly and with lasting results. Working with Andrea, you’ll develop a realistic and satisfying career/educational plan that when followed accordingly, leads to a successful outcome. Your time with Andrea will include one or more of the following services. When you’re ready to move forward, get in touch!

Career and Personal Counseling

Andrea provides a holistic and eclectic blend of career counseling with personal counseling for clients. Integrating these areas is vital given that career issues cannot be separated from personal matters. What is counseling exactly? Counseling is a process that assists individuals in gaining insightful information about themselves, others, and the world around them as they problem solve and make decisions to improve their quality of life. Learn more >

Career Assessment

Career assessments allow you to see how high you score in various careers based on your answers to questions pertaining to your interests, skills, personality traits, and values, enabling you to make a career choice that is a solid fit for you. Andrea has successfully assisted thousands of adult clients over the course of her career with the use of high-quality career and personality assessments and inventories. Learn more >

Career Planning

Career planning and development is a lifelong process which includes selecting a career, acquiring appropriate training needed, obtaining a position, and growing within your career. People often decide to change careers in search of one that is more fulfilling. If you are in need of a new career direction, Andrea can help you develop a plan that is right for you. Learn more >

College Planning

Lifelong learning is extremely important due to rapidly changing technology, economic downturns, longer life spans, and the need for career changes. College planning is just as important for those attending later in life as it is for students who enter right after high school. Andrea can help you to successfully achieve your goals in planning your education, getting accepted at your chosen school, and preparing for your new career. Learn more >

Interview Skill Building

Tired of going on interviews and not receiving job offers? Preparing for job interviews is vital to landing job opportunities that meet your expectations. Although some people do not possess the natural skills needed to interview well, these skills can be learned and perfected with practice. Conducting mock job interviews with Andrea is an ideal way to prepare and improve your interviewing skills. Learn more >

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